Tips For Cleaning Office Furniture

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Why Do You Need A Office Furniture Cleaning Service?

Productivity must be maintained for a business to thrive in a fiercely competitive environment. Employees require adequate resources to work diligently and stay committed to their tasks. Besides possessing a strong work ethic, necessary professional skills, and profit generation abilities, ensuring proper cleaning office furniture is also crucial to business growth.

Productivity Of Businesses and Regular Cleaning

If a workplace is showing low productivity, it could be due to problems with the working environment. When employees lack sufficient equipment, and the workspace is messy and unclean, their productivity tends to decrease.

To boost employee productivity, keeping the workspace tidy and free of hazards is crucial. Regular cleaning is necessary for businesses in Fraser Valley to prevent poor productivity. Consider implementing these suggestions to maintain cleanliness and keep the office environment clutter-free.

Business Cleaning and Productivity Of A Business

Dusting Surfaces

In an office with many people, dust accumulates quickly on various surfaces, especially on static electric appliances. This problem is more pronounced in urban areas with high traffic congestion. The dust comes from inadequate air filtering and paper fibres and upholstery flaking off due to skin cells.

Regarding the amount of dust, it is important to dust and wipes every room surface, as dust can attach itself to any surface. Properly cleaning office furniture and wiping down these areas is particularly important.

  • Top of the desk
  • Items on the desk surface, like pen holders
  • Shelves
  • Windows
  • Computer appliances and phones

To avoid spreading dust particles in the workspace, refrain from using feather dusters when cleaning office furniture. This can cause employees to inhale dust and experience allergies. Instead, opt for a damp cloth to wipe down surfaces and effectively remove the dust particles without agitating them.

Sanitizing All Surfaces

Cleaning office furniture is crucial because commonly touched areas like door handles and light switches attract bacteria and other microbes. Employees constantly touch surfaces such as desks, keyboards, and mice, causing these surfaces to become contaminated. Disinfecting these surfaces is necessary in order to eliminate these microbes.

To maintain a healthy workspace when cleaning office furniture, disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched, like desks, phones, door handles, and switches. But be cautious in using a disinfectant that may damage electric appliances. If unsure, it is best to hire a professional cleaning agency.

Removing Fabric Stains

Office spaces often have coffee, food, dirt, and mud stains that make the area look messy. Cleaning office furniture can be difficult as a result. To eliminate these stains from fabric, use a carpet cleaner spray. If the stain persists, mix baking soda with warm water and let it sit for a few hours.

Cleaning Office Floors

Cleaning the floor is crucial, along with cleaning office furniture. Cleaning up liquid spills and removing any objects left around is essential to avoid slipping or tripping. Neglecting carpet cleaning can be time-consuming.

Vacuuming carpets daily and using baking soda to eliminate odours is recommended. Non-carpeted floors should be swept daily and mopped frequently. A mixture of warm water, vinegar, dish detergent, and baking soda effectively cleans all office surfaces, including furniture.

To improve the organization and appearance of your workspace, consider cleaning your office furniture, removing any clutter, and rearranging your desk space. This will make the area easier to navigate and more visually appealing. Additionally, you can explore methods to further enhance the organization in your workspace.


  • File away documents
  • Use trays for paper
  • Use pen holders
  • Properly place power cords to make sure no one trips.
Cleaning Office Floor

Professionals For Cleaning Office Furniture

If you’re looking for commercial cleaning services, we offer a variety of options, including one-time, seasonal, and ongoing cleaning. We’re flexible and dependable, and our services can help improve your workspace’s overall look and appeal. For any office furniture cleaning needs, please don’t hesitate to call us or find us on Google.