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Terms and Conditions of Service

In order to book our services, we require a credit card on file for our records. If you don’t feel comfortable giving it over the phone, please use the client hub to add your card. If your card is not added on the day of service, your appointment will be canceled.

SUPPLIES: We provide all the products and cleaning equipment required to clean your home.

INITIAL CLEANS: All new clients will start with an Initial Deep Clean. This will give us the opportunity to make sure the time we have quoted you, is enough time to complete all the items on the list and any extras that you may want or need. We book our cleaners back to back so we can’t add time, if we don’t get everything done our cleaner still must leave when time is up. After the initial deep clean we will set you up on recurring cleans. 

GENERAL EXCLUSIONS: Our cleaners are not permitted to move refrigerators or ranges, therefore will not clean behind them unless a homeowner can move these items for the team during the service. The following items are not included in any scope of service: mold remediation, mildew remediation, hard water scale buildup removal, wall washing, taking apart and washing light fixtures, chandeliers, removing and washing window screens, cleaning inside laundry appliances, removing windows, washing unfinished concrete floors.


TEAMS: Our cleaners work in teams of two or more depending on the size of the job. A team leader is assigned to your home. We make every effort to keep the same team leader assigned to your home, but cannot guarantee it. Illness, promotions, vacations, etc, can all result in change of team or change of cleaners on a team. 


ARRIVAL TIME: Cleanings are scheduled in an order that requires the least amount of drive time for each team. This means the exact time of your cleaning may differ each time. If you require an AM or PM schedule we will make every effort to accommodate your request however no times are guaranteed. 


KEYS: Please make sure your home is accessible to us. Because your scheduled cleaning time may change each cleaning, we prefer a key to your home. Keys are maintained in a locked box except for the day of cleaning. Returned keys will require signature and identification at time of release. 


WEATHER: Full Throttle Cleaning will be unable to service homes that are outside of city limits on any day where Transport Canada has deemed highway travel unsafe due to inclement weather. In the event of Heavy Snow, a SNOW DAY will be called. In this event, you will be notified by 8:30am via email that we have closed for the day.

HEALTH & SAFETY: For health and safety reasons, our cleaners will not move heavy items unless they can be lifted/moved with one hand while vacuuming. Our cleaners are only permitted to clean what they can reach. Climbing on counters, or customer supplied ladders or stools is not permitted. We require clean non-marking shoes to be worn by staff at all times when working in your home. Our cleaners are not permitted to clean bodily fluids of any kind. (Urine, feces, vomit,soiled clothing or other similar hazards). We do not touch litter boxes. We are legally obligated to provide a smoke free workplace environment, so please refrain from smoking in the house during your cleaning service. 

You agree to let us know if there are any members of your household sick on service day, so that we can reschedule your service and keep everyone healthy. This includes but is not limited to Covid and other forms of influenza. Currently we are not servicing households where persons are symptomatic, in an effort to keep both clients and staff healthy and in line with Public Health recommendations. 

CONDUCT: Our employees will be respectful while in your home. They will not smoke or eat while in your home, nor do they watch TV or play the radio. They do not answer the telephone or doorbell. Their only purpose while in your home is to clean


CLUTTER: The cleaning will be far more satisfactory if the team does not have a great deal of clutter with which to contend. Desks that have a large amount of paperwork for instance may not be cleaned 


DISTRACTIONS: It is important for us to have access to every area of your home that we will be cleaning. In doing so, we need to work freely and without distractions. Excessive visiting with your cleaner (beyond cleaning instructions) prevents them from being 100% focused. Every effort is made to work safely and cautiously and we cannot assume liability for injury to others.In order to prevent safety hazards (tripping over buckets, caddies, vacuum cords, etc.), we kindly ask that you, your children and pets remain out of the rooms that we are cleaning. You may return once we are finished. 

LATE CANCELLATION FEE: A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel a scheduled service. Less than 48 hours notice is considered a Late Cancellation and a Late Cancellation Fee of 50% will be applied. 


LOCKOUT POLICY: If for any reason the team cannot access the home on the day of the scheduled service, it will be considered a Lockout. Same day cancellations and lockouts will be billed at 100% of the scheduled service rate. 


RIGHT OF REFUSAL: Full Throttle Cleaning reserves the right to turn down any job for any reason. We have the right to refuse taking on any service/job due to rodent dropping, mice dropping, rotten food, mold, bed bugs, cockroaches, or we do have the right to refuse any work. Verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated.

TIPPING: Tipping is neither required, nor expected, but always appreciated. Tips on credit cards are attributed to the team members assigned to your service and are distributed bi-weekly. Should you choose to leave a cash tip, we ask that you please leave a note clearly marked “tip”, so our staff is aware they are permitted to take this money. 


PAYMENT: Payment is due at the time services are rendered and will be charged the credit card we have on file for you upon the completion of the service. We accept most major credit cards as payment methods. All billing inquiries should be made to the office and not with the cleaner onsite. 


INTEREST FEES: You will be charged a late fee of 1.5% per month (19.56%per annul) by Full Throttle Cleaning on all invoices that are not paid within 15 days of their due date. 

HOLIDAYS: Full Throttle Cleaning will be closed for business during the following national holidays: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, The Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day and Boxing day. If your scheduled clean falls on one of these days it will automatically be rescheduled via email or text. 


IF THERE’S A PROBLEM: We guarantee our work. Contact our office before 11am today following your cleanings (11am Monday for Friday cleanings) and we will make every effort to correct the problem. I understand that Full Throttle Cleaning does not refund any portion of a cleaning fee. 


TERMINATION OF SERVICES: Service may be terminated at any time by either party for any reason. At least 30 full business days’ advance notice is required to cancel services.


NON-SOLICITATION AGREEMENT: During the course of the agreement the client shall not solicit employment from any Full Throttle Cleaning employee. In the case of termination of this agreement, the client shall not solicit employment of any Full Throttle Cleaning employee for the duration of a 12 month period. Violation of the non-solicitation agreement will result in a $2,500 Recruitment and Training Fee Charged to the client, to be paid in full upon request. 


BREAKAGE/DAMAGE: Our teams follow a strict and timely procedure to communicate all breakage/damage with the office immediately so that we can pass all necessary information to the client as soon as possible. In the event that we break or cause damage to your property during cleaning that has not been reported, a report must be submitted within 48 hours of the service. To submit a report send an email to booking@fullthrottlecleaning.com with the following information: 


What exactly was damaged: 

What is the fair market value of the damaged item: 

Photos showing the damage on the said item: 

Unfortunately, if a report is not filed within 48 hours of the date of service we will not be able to file a claim and thus cannot pay, fix, or refund for damages caused.


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Simon SolomonSimon Solomon ★★★★★ Mandi is exceptional. She's efficient, extremely thorough, arrives well-prepared for the job and is always professional and courteous.Eugene LeungEugene Leung ★★★★★ Mandy is not only a wonderful person, she is also an awesome cleaner. The service we received is by far the best we had. Couldn't be happier with Mandy.Dana LoriDana Lori ★★★★★ I've been working with Full Throttle for several months and have been pleased with the service overall. Mandy is AMAZING! I cannot say enough great things about her. Her work is flawless and she's polite, friendly and highly professional.MsArileyMsAriley ★★★★★ I hired Full Throttle for a deep clean after my "quarantine blues". Lucia and Natasha were fantastic. They are a very organized, efficient and a personable team. We discussed my needs, which included a second visit but they straightened me out and cleaned me up with an understanding view of my circumstances. 100% recommend, will hire again for regular cleaning so I never get that way again. Very efficient text/ email booking system that you might miss if you don't monitor email and messenger daily. I'm so happy with them, I only wish I had called sooner.Razni ComboRazni Combo ★★★★★ Full Throttle offers quality cleaning and are very dependable. I also feel very confident that my home is secure during their visits. I have had Amanda and Ruth clean for me and they are always on time and do an excellent job. Tanya is also such a delight to speak with if I have any concerns regarding appointment reschedules or billing. She is there to help and her response time is very fast. Thank you for the great service ladies!Response from the ownerThanks so much Razni. Looking forward to more cleans with you and we’re so glad you’ve enjoyed our cleaning team so far! Kyle UyKyle Uy ★★★★★ Full Throttle has been a life saviour and their communication is top notch. Would recommend them for any sort of vacation rental cleaning or standard house cleans!Paul StamourPaul Stamour ★★★★★ Tiwi was great she was on time and the service was above and beyond what I expected. I would 100 percent recommend this company for any of your cleaning needs . They have great rates for bi-monthly cleanings as well.Response from the ownerThank you so much Paul! We’re glad you’re enjoying our services so far and we’ll make sure to let our cleaner know! AndreaAndrea ★★★★★ We have been having Mandy come from Full Throttle for over a year and we couldn't be happier with her service and care! We have had several other companies before and Mandy has outshined them all! Thank you Mandy for always making our home sparkle, we appreciate you so much!!Response from the ownerThank you so much for your feedback, it is much appreciated. Mandy is the best, we’re glad you think so too. Lorena GrangeLorena Grange ★★★★★ I have had Full Throttle Cleaning come to my home for well over a year. Amanda is a blessing-reliable, friendly, hard-working, and consistent with the quality in the cleaning of our home. She takes pride in her work and it shows!Response from the ownerThank your Lorena for providing your feedback and for being a long term valued client of ours. We’re so glad you enjoy your home cleaning services with us and our team member’s hard work. Looking forward to continuing to satisfy your cleaning needs! Dani CindrichDani Cindrich ★★★★★ Mandy has been cleaning for me for over a year now. Everything is impeccably clean when she's done and if she has extra time she always does a few extra things not on the immediate-to-do list. I have been very happy with her work and also with her very pleasant personality!Response from the ownerThank you for choosing us to be your house cleaning provider, and for your valued feedback! Our cleaners always make sure to go above and beyond and look for ways to ‘wow’ our clients. We’ll pass along this message to Mandy—looking forward to our continued partnership. Nana KayNana Kay ★★★★★ Very happy with the service from Full Throttle. They are very prompt with replying and I appreciate that I have the option to text with them instead of always needing to call or email.Amanda is the very best! Professional, efficient, and personable. She has been with us for a long while now and we appreciate her so much! If I ever have to make changes to my cleaning schedule I always make sure that it’s Amanda that comes for us; she’s wonderful.Response from the ownerNana, thanks so much for your valued feedback and for taking the time to review your cleaning experience with Mandy! We appreciate your continued support- very glad to hear that you’ve had a pleasant experience with the office staff as well. Looking forward to our future cleans! Tiwi-BaeTiwi-Bae ★★★★★ Cleans thoroughly and makes sure client is satisfied with finished productResponse from the ownerThank you for your feedback! Tofunmi SadikuTofunmi Sadiku ★★★★★ Love the results of the cleaning! Thank you!Pjdykstra DykstraPjdykstra Dykstra ★★★★★ Toni has always done an excellent job of cleaning our home. Toni and Ruth make a great team. This week they also did some extra work cleaning the hard to reach places like sky lights and stairwells. Thankyou so much ladies!js_loader

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