House Cleaning Tips for Families on the Go

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With Sept right around the corner, we say GOODBYE to the lazy days of summer, now we will have activities galore. With back to school comes new routines, weeknight commitments, homework, and busy weekends away from the house. With everyone back to their regular weekly routines, the house cleaning starts to fall behind.




Not to worry! There are quick cleaning tips and tricks you can use to keep your home organized, smelling good and looking its best. Following some of these cleaning hacks will make your life stress-free.



Kitchen Hacks



Use baking soda and vinegar to tackle tough stains and odors.




  • Place a microwave-safe bowl filled with water and lemon slices in the microwave. Then heat it for 2 minutes to clean and deodorize the inside.




  • You can wipe down countertops using disinfecting wipes after meal preparation to keep the kitchen clean and germ-free.

Bedroom Hacks

  • Make your bed every morning to instantly make the room look clean.


  • Use drawer organizers to keep clothing and accessories tidy.


  • Keep a small trash bin or bag near the dresser to discard any trash.


  • Vacuum or sweep the floors regularly to keep dust and dirt at bay.





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